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About Baani Art


Sikhism: Faith in one creator, unity of all humankind and selfless service to the community.

Baani Art encompasses all the beauty of the Sikh scriptures as written in the Guru Granth Saahib, the holy book of the Sikhs. I present nature, thoughts, abstraction, spirituality, and tranquility of the Baani, in all it's vibrant colors and forms. 


About the Artist

Jasmeet Kaur formally trained at NIFT in textile designing and hand-painted fabrics for 4 years, and later returned as visiting faculty. She worked for several years in the field of interior design and started her own company, Kaur Competency LLC, working with residential homes and boutique offices. In her spare time, she loves to blend art and Baani together: art that stirs the soul and Baani that feeds the soul. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two sons, Darsh and Jeeve.

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