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About Baani Art

I am Jasmeet Kaur, I studied Master’s in Textile Design and Development from The National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India. I worked for several years in the field of interior design for residential spaces and hotels where I got a chance to experiment with fabric and furniture painting. My inspiration comes from traveling all around the world and experiencing different cultures and values, encompassing colors and forms in captivating art styles.

 I added an art studio in 2017, called Baani Art, inspired by nature, thoughts, abstraction and current global situations that are expressed in vibrant colors and mediums to provide clients customized artworks to complete their personal space. That was the beginning of my art journey. 

Caravan Arts featured my artwork "Heal the World" in July 2020 as an ode to healing the pain and suffering after the pandemic. I also had the honor of being a featured artist for Chalk it Up, San Antonio in 2016 and 2020.I have had several experiences exhibiting art works in oil, pen and canvas in New Jersey, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, LA and San Antonio in USA.
My latest exhibitions in 2023 have been in Birmingham, UK (June) and Vancouver, Canada (September). 

I strive to always experiment with new concepts and thoughts and love taking on new challenges which present positivity and unique narratives. Come and walk this colorful and stimulating art world with me!


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